Balanced game play

It’s all about balance – the video game industry is always listening to players and families. We put protections and tools in place to ensure video games are a positive and fun part of our lives.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has set transparency standards in the entertainment industry around age appropriate content, empowering parents to make the right decisions for their children. It also sets labeling standards, requiring clear assurances when a video game includes added features like in-game purchases.

The latest parental controls also allow us to manage our child’s game play behavior even when we are not around. From setting up in-game spending controls to limiting in-game interactions, parents can feel confident their child’s game play is positive.

Kerbal Space Program (Take-Two Interactive)

77% of parents use ESRB ratings to make purchasing decisions1

Game play protections don’t stop there.

The ESRB-assigned age rating allows parents to manage which video games can be played by which family members across each device, ensuring that children don’t stumble upon a video game they may not be ready for.

57% of parents bond with their children by playing video games1

Game play extends to the classroom

Because we have fun when we play, we often don’t notice the important soft skills game play helps foster, like creative problem solving, empathy, and cultural understanding. Video game play makes learning fun and allows kids to learn at their own pace. That’s why schools across the country are investing in game-based learning programs.

For example, Minecraft: Education Edition has been licensed by teachers in 115 countries, giving students interactive lessons in science, math, history and language. And games like Assassin’s Creed: Origin of Discovery enhance history lessons through 3D tours of Ancient Egypt, while racial bias games like Fair Play teach players how to see and name prejudice.

Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece (Ubisoft)

Civilization VI (Take-Two Interactive)